​​​​​​​​DPE 2.5 BAR Map Sensor is for Supercharged or Turbo Engines up to 21.7 psi of Boost

C5 C6 2.5 BAR Map sensor

LS 2.5 BAR Map sensor

We use  GM SENSORS  for re-chipping
for a perfect seal, fit and OEM Durability

Not brittle Chinese Aftermarket ones.
Fits in OEM Location on LS1-LS2-LS6-LS7 Manifolds

2.5 BAR MAP Sensor Specs

  • Fits in OEM Location on LS1-LS2-LS6-LS7  Manifolds
  • Plugs right in to OEM Harness
  • Sensor Range: 20-250kp
  • 0.2V = 20 kPa - 2.9 PSI
  • 4.9V = 250 kPa -36.25 PSI
  • Accuracy:  +- 1.5% of the full scale value (+- 0.5 PSI)

Linear = 244.68              Offset = 10.21

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DPE 2.5 BAR Map Sensor

Plug and Play

The 2.5 Bar Map Sensor is a modified AC Delco sensor with a 2.5 bar element. It's plug-and-play and is compatible with all GM applications. Works good with the E40 PCM and stays below the 256kPa limit for the linear value.

3 & 4 BAR available upon request